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Body with bio-infrared from Dermofibra

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Arosha bodies are made of Dermofibry ®, whose fibers with bio-infrared give a modeling and slimming effect.

They reduce the abdominal circumference by stimulating microcirculation while giving an immediate effect to change body shape. Dermofibry ® fibers supporting microcirculation stimulation, improve the appearance of the skin and help relax muscle tone.


– Slimming and modeling

– Change of shape of the figure

– Microcirculation improvement

– Micro-massage impression

Dermofibra ® – is a fiber associated by nanotechnology with organic crystals that have a beneficial effect on the body. Heat-stimulated organic crystals in Dermofibra ® reflect high levels of light in the bio-infrared band, which deeply penetrate the layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues and interact with water and organic compounds present in these tissues. The heat generated by bio-infrared makes it easier to relax tired muscles and improves microcirculation. Bio-infrared also stimulates metabolism, thanks to its drainage effect it improves the appearance of the skin, reduces cellulite and changes the figure.

Pure Resistex Silver (99.9%) – specially placed pure silver inserts have antibacterial effect.

Body available in sizes: S / M- (34-36) M / L- (38-40) L / XL- (42-44) XL / XXL- (46-48)

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AROSHA Body Slim by BeGood

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